Thursday, September 11, 2008

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Mollie says, "Happy One-Year Anniversary Home Sweet Blog!"
Well, she's actually saying, "Meghan, I want a drink out of the faucet!", but the picture was so cute I had to use it. I can't believe I've kept this up for a whole year. Thanks to everyone for reading!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Très chic!

Oh my god! Is that Mia Farrow circa 1968? No, it's my sister Kaitlin and this is an update on her apartment. The last time we saw it, she had just barely moved in. But during my visit to Laramie a few weekends ago, it was clear she has been busy.

I like what she's done with the place. It's kind of a bohemian/"lived in" look and I think it really fits well with the space (and the new hair).

Well done!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy as a Little Bee

Okay, just because I haven't had time for blogging lately doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything with my apartment. I've actually gotten a lot done in the last two weeks! Where to start?

Oh, yes. I got a great frame for my "Starfish" picture. After a diasterous attempt to hang it on my dorm room wall junior year of college, the previous frame was literally in pieces. I took the picture when I was 14 on a class trip to look at the tide pools in Homer, Alaska. I would like to try hanging it on the wall in my bedroom, but I'm kind of nervous. That misadventure will probably merit a blog post all its own.

Here are some pictures I did manage to hang. I was having a hard time figuring out what to do with this bizarre corner in my kitchen, it's kind of dead space. I was also having a hard time deciding where to put my "Virginia" pictures. And what do you know - the two problems came to together to form a solution! I think they look really cool above my sink. And because I just used matting, not frames, I was able to hang them with just wall stickies.
I also finally re-covered my bulletin board for my work desk. I decided to go with the green fabric, but I might try out the brown later too. Instead of trying to take the frame off the board to wrap the fabric around the cork, I took the lazy way out and just superglued it down. Unfortunately, (as I knew it would) this left some superglue seep-through on parts of the fabric. To cover this up, I bought some fake flowers and put them in clusters in places where the glue stains were particularly noticeable. Overall, I think it looks really cute and definitely matches better than the Paris pictures. Please also note the Crate & Barrel soap dish that I am using to hold my paper clips.
Believe it or not, I've done more, but I think I'll have to talk about it later. Oh, one more thing. I had to attend a tech trade show Friday morning for work. (Does CEDIA mean anything to anyone? No? Okay.) Instead of trying to fight rush hour traffic and then trying find a parking spot downtown, I decided the sensible thing to do would be to ride the Lightrail. For someone who gets lost as often as I do, the thought of taking a 45-minute train ride to downtown Denver and back all by myself was terrifying. But I loved it! As I sat there enjoying the ride and catching up on Project Rungay on my Crackberry, I felt very much the sophisticated city gal. I'm not sure a sophisticated city gal would take a picture of waiting at the station, but give me a break - this is all new and exciting!