Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's ALIVE!!!!

I am happy to report that neither I nor my cat are dead. For myself, there is no excuse for neglecting my blog for almost 3 months, other than I've been oh so busy and stressed out with work and such, and for a while my apartment was looking slightly worse than a city dump.

As for Mollie, I was genuinely worried that after I arrived home on Saturday from my three-day Thanksgiving vacation at the Harper-family celebration in Ohio that Mollie would not be alright. She was acting very strange in the days before I left and I was afraid that at 12 and a half years old, it might just be her time. But when I opened my door she ran out of my bedroom and proceeded to chastise me very loudly for the next few hours. So I think she's fine.

Anyway, now that Christmas is coming, I'm back to blogging! I'm planning on hanging some icicle lights from my balcony in the next few days, so I'm sure that will be a terrifying disaster I'll just have to write about.