Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

I'm finally getting some decoration on my walls! A few months ago I hung a picture that my sister got me for Christmas on the wall in my living room. And this afternoon I finally hung a print that my aunt gave me in my bedroom. I really like having pictures on the walls. I've never been in an apartment before were I was allowed to, so I'm having fun with it now.

In the living room is "Porcupine" by photographer Sharon Montrose. Yes, it's just a picture of a porcupine. And I don't know why, but it totally works for my apartment. It's really simple and
unique, and look at him. He's so cute!

In my bedroom is "Hypnocat" by Jon Carling. A little stranger even than the porcupine, but I'm obsessed with this picture. I'm glad that I hung it by my bed so that I can look at it while lying in bed and try to figure out what it means.

Here's another picture that I want to hang, "The Garden's Secret" by Karla Morreira (the center is a print, but the matting is original by the artist). But I have two problems. First, I have no idea where to put it. I wish I had more wall space in my bathroom, if I did I would put it there.

Second, it's a little heavy and I'm kind of nervous about hanging a bigger picture. What kind of nails do I need? Do I have to find a stud? I'm need to find the answers to these questions because it's been sitting on the floor in my bedroom since I moved in. Not good.

Finally, there's one more piece I want to hang on my walls. This will also go out in my living room. The Azores are known for their tiles and when I was there this summer I picked up a quite a few.

Including this great six-piece tile picture I bought at a ceramics shop near my mom's house called Ceramica de Praia. It depicts the Império de São Bartolomeu (São Bartolomeu Divine Holy Spirit House) which is located on the island my mom lives on. I took this picture right after they pulled it out of the kilns at Ceramica de Praia.

It's beautiful and I can't wait to hang it up and show it off. But for now it's still in six pieces and wrapped up in bubble wrap. Those tiles aren't exactly light, so I think I'm going to leave the setting and framing to a professional.